Stanford Rosenthal

UX Designer & Tech Consultant

I've been designing and building websites for 17 years—it's what I love to do. Whether you're looking to create a classy site for your local business, or working on mockups for an app or service, I'm excited to learn about your project.


Unsubscribe from Postal Mail

Since 2017, I've been on a mission to stop the deluge of paper mail that ends up in my trash (those plastic windows are not recyclable). It's been a long, manual process, but I've succeeded! I created Mel to help others rid themselves of physical junk mail.


Turn your calendar into a website

In the process of building NOLA.Today, I inspected hundreds of websites for artists, venues, and organizations to understand how they share their events. Few were up-to-date, and all were clunky. I figured there must be a better way, so I built Upcoming.


New Orleans Culture, Mapped

When I ask friends how they stay up to date with local news, no one has a good answer. Many resort to, but no one loves it. So, I set out to build a local news site that is lovable. No click bait, no tracking, and only lightweight ads.