Stanford Rosenthal

Product Leader

I've been designing and building websites and apps for 17 years—it's what I love to do. Specifically, I am passionate about empowering climate innovators through impactful UX design and a minimalist approach to technology.

📍 Made in San Francisco



UpSmith combats skilled worker shortages by developing technology to maximize workforce productivity, starting with a product to help employers source, screen, train, and deploy new technicians in under 90 days.✔️ Created brand based on founder's vision
✔️ Designed UX for upskilling marketplace connecting employers with new talent
✔️ Collaborated with partners in clean energy, electric, and manufacturing
✔️ Deployed marketing assets targetting blue collar industries


Remedy protected patients from medical bills. We corrected errors and overcharges, and negotiated with hospitals and doctors to save people money.✔️ Created brand for medical bill review startup
✔️ Designed & tested onboarding involving highly sensitive user data
✔️ Collaborated with founding team on strategy and experimentation
✔️ Designed and prototyped internal tooling for medical bill reviewers

Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy gave career opportunities to overlooked and underserved populations, starting in the midwest and expanding nationally during the pandemic.✔️ Created UX Design curriculum, ranked #1 by Course Report
✔️ Led instruction and curriculum development teams (45 staff)
✔️ Met daily with the rest of the executive team to align our academic programs with business goals and to assist in other aspects of running the company
✔️ Prepared reports and presented to potential investors & acquirers



Unsubscribe from postal mail
Helping people reduce their environmental impact by eliminating physical junk mail—which often is not recyclable
Ruby on Rails • Twilio • Sendgrid


New Orleans Culture, Mapped
A hyper-local news site surfacing construction projects, community events, and performances
Ruby on Rails • Mapbox • Web Scraping

Turn your calendar into a website
Giving organizations a place to spread the word about in-person events, without relying on a centralized platform such as Facebook
Ruby on Rails • ICS • Tailwind


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